We salt our toast!

We use unsalted butter all the time and don’t keep the salted kind on hand. For a few years now when we make any kind of toast, after toasting (obviously!), we put a tiny bit of kosher salt on the buttered toast. Tiny like maybe 8-10 grains. It’s quite tasty.


Sophisticated restaurants that serve bread with unsalted butter include a little dish of salt. I first saw that at Chez Panisse decades ago.

LOL, do you think they were copying us?!?!? Honestly, Bob likes salt more than I do so that probably started it. And it’s always sitting right there so why not? Thanks for sharing. Hmm, I wonder if he was having a fling with Alice Waters. LOL.

Small addition of salts help flavorwise in many “unexpected” dishes including coffee, many desserts, ice cream etc.

I often do that as well.

Oh wow, great suggestions. We will frequently have a little ice cream after dinner.

They also do it at Lucques (I think they used fleur de sel?).

Agree, @catholiver, that is indeed very tasty.

I just remembered that we have some Norwegian flake salt from a trip there pre-pandemic. I’ll have to try it…on various things now. Glad I posted this. Thought it was kind stupid :slight_smile:

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Salt your home made salads, makes a big difference


Where do you think the word “salad” comes from?


I would not have thought of that (I always add pepper, though)… Will try it next time.

If you bake, it’s great on choc chip cookies (there’s a reason why the high-end places have salt visible on their choc chip cookies nowadays).


I rarely bake but I’m going to start keeping my eyes open now.

Always. Because it does.

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I’ve been using the Organic Valley unsalted for years.
I keep Maldon sea salt flakes next to my stove so I can snag a pinch anytime.
Nice big flakes, coarser than the kosher salt I keep in the cabinet.

Sorry to revive a zombie thread; I just joined and most of the threads I’m seeing haven’t been active too recently.

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Try Jacobson salt from Oregon! They are my favorite and their kosher salt is basically broken up fleur de sel.

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Dave Chang on his podcast often talks about mounting his toast with high quality unsalted butter and then adding salt. I think he uses Rodolphe Le Meunier. I was doing this for a while but it became a bit of a pain because the butter was never at the right consistency to spread on the toast. Maybe I was just being lazy and need to reconsider because this butter tastes way better than the Land O Lakes salted butter with olive oil I’m currently using.

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Get one of those French-style butter dishes with the water seal so you can leave it at room temperature.

Maybe. I get worried when the temps rise in the SoCal summers. Is there a recommended max room temp that butter can be kept safely?

Well, it can melt at 82°, so below that.

Mind you… we don’t have a toaster or eat much bread at dinner or butter for that matter… but I do like Butter (We got the Big Gold Roundy one from France at Surfas) and so we got a butter bell in hopes of always having soft butter at the table. Perhaps we did not eat it fast enough, but it did mold. So we decided to use it only for special occassions, but then one thanksgiving it broke. Never got it back… for Holidays we put a couple of these out instead…

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