Well Worth A Re-Visit: Status Kuo (Mar Vista)

Changes are afoot at Status Kuo… (funny but true)

Chef David has fine-tuned his menu AND his cooking. The Taiwanese Sunday Gravy is now even better than before, with the broth infusing deep into the pasta, and creating just a delightful burst of flavor on the first bite. It’s crack, I tell you.

The rotisserie chicken is juicy as ever, and the market fried rice nostalgically reminds me of my grandparents digging up whatever we had for leftovers, and then throwing it into the wok for a sensational fried rice.

But the new star is the duck pizza: Chinese scallion pancake, topped with roasted duck, hoisin, calabrian chili, cilantro and parmesan.

Recently, Status Kuo played host to a gallery night, featuring local artists, and a lot of their works now adorn the walls. The liquor license is almost a done deal, and Status Kuo has acquired the next-door space and is in the process of building a new bar/pub. The goal is to feature drinking-friendly foods and offer LATE-night (like 3AM late) kitchen fare for the Westside urbanites.

Status Kuo
3809 Grandview Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90066


If it begins staying open until 3 AM, that could be the biggest reason to revist honestly.

Had some pretty bad initial experiences there.

@J_L thanks for the update. :slightly_smiling:

Like @Aesthete, I had some so-so first visits, but saw potential. Glad to hear it’s improved. I’ll have to go back.

I generally liked what I had at Status Kuo when I went last year, but I was a little disappointed in the suckling pig and the niuroumian (beef noodle soup) just wasn’t to my personal taste. The roast quail stuffed with “youfan” (Taiwanese glutinous rice with meat) special, though, was truly great…

Glad to see they’re improving and will have to go back again once the changes settle down.

So is the duck pizza like a beef roll unrolled and stuffed w/ duck instead? :wink:

Agree that the late-night hrs will be a draw.

I’ll return on your say-so.
Still no booze?
Is BYO allowed?
For F*#&k’s Sake!

The porchetta and fried chicken have always been very good to me. The lack of drinks and having Louie’s a few doors down (which has a full bar) has probably been sucking the wind out of Status Kuo’s sails.

The changes will hopefully improve their business. This place has never been busy when I’ve gone at night and it always left me wondering if they would shutter.

The porchetta was horrible when I went…it had that sickening gamey taste of super low-quality pork that kind of makes you want to puke =/

Hey, that is a great description!

I agree. I thought the porchetta was great. Crispy skin, tender meat and stuffed with flavorful sausage filling.

The chicken was dry that day,

There have been times I have gone there during posted hours only to find they had closed early due to a lack of business. I would like to see them busier as they are a great option in the neighborhood.

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