Wexler's Deli Santa Monica


Does anyone have any idea when it’s opening? Partner and I passed by this past weekend (when partner got his first library card in like 20 yrs across the street!), and the interior looks totally finished.

I’m sure @wienermobile will be the first in line for the opening. :wink:


Not bloody soon enough!

Looking at their Twitter, they were teasing an April opening date. That obviously didn’t happen, but they’re presumably super close.

I wonder which will open first: Wexler’s Santa Monica or the Expo Line extension?

I asked on Instagram and they said about two weeks out.

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Service starts May 20th on the Expo Line extension.

Expo Line FTW!

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I think I’ll eventually give it a try, but count me as not a fan of Wexler’s. :frowning:

Langer’s Pastrami is greater than Wexler’s, and for Smoked Fish, Gjusta blows it away IMHO. Wexler’s Smoked Fish has just been too salty for me, or just average (Salmon) on the times it wasn’t too salty. And their bread delivery device is definitely far below Gjusta’s fresh-baked bread selection (multiple types).

I haven’t actually eaten at Wexler’s before, though I have met him and might have had food he served at events. I’m definitely looking forward to trying his pastrami and smoked fish at least once without having to go all the way to GCM. We’ll see!

I’ll just say I strongly disagree with that view about Wexler’s, and know I am not alone–JG thinks the sturgeon there is the best smoked fish in LA per prior statements. I think when you have the sturgeon at Wexler’s, it’s just done right, and does not have to be buried under mounds of (admittedly delicious) produce.

Oh, for sure. But Wexler’s is quite good and the SM branch will be much closer to me than Langer’s.

Langer’s is an easy trip on the Expo Line from Santa Monica – ok, there’s a brief leg on the Red Line :grin: but no parking hassles and you can eat there and luxuriate in the restaurant’s ambience.


I really like Wexler’s pastrami. For me, what makes Langer’s so dominant in the comparison is their rye bread. The bread at Wexler’s is completely average, whereas the bread at Langer’s is a thing of pure beauty.

100% agreement. Wexler’s pastrami is great, but their rye bread is just not up to Langer’s double baked rye…
“The secret to Langer’s beloved rye bread is in double-baking; the bread is received from the bakery, then re-baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to give it the crispy crust it’s famous for.”


Yes, but apparently Wexler’s will be open past 4PM…

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Can one eat Deli after 4 PM?

I can deli in the morning, I can deli in the night…


I believe the hours will be 8am-6pm on Sat & Sun and 4pm the rest of the week. And they will also be doing new items & catering orders.

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God is fine w/ us deli-ing all hours of the day. Perhaps one day Someone will fulfill the Promise of 24/7 access to housemade smoked fish and bagels.


Not even close to house made (or Wexler’s quality)—but mediocre smoked fish & bagels ARE available @ Canters 24/7 lol. Maybe it’ll tastes better while drunk @ 3am?

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You need to meet both the drunk and early in the morning criteria. :wink: I only met the latter many yrs ago on my first and only trip there, and it wasn’t good… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Haeldaur,

About being “buried under mounds of produce” are you referring to Gjusta? Because Gjusta’s Smoked Fish Plate isn’t buried under anything. No pretentious stuff, just fantastic superior Smoked Fish (of your choosing or the chef’s choosing).

I respect your opinion and I’m glad you like Wexler’s Sturgeon. I find it too dry and salty, and their accompanying bread (bagel) is vastly inferior detracting from the whole Smoked Fish experience compared to Gjusta’s fresh-baked breads (variety).

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