What are the essential stops for a two-day tour of tacos?

They have more locations listed on their IG page bio and in their saved story highlights . For the Pomona location, I thought I saw them on Garey recently, and they did post about being on Garey/Grand back in April. I’ll try to check out that area soon and update here. @hungryhungryhippos



I know there’s a lot of votes for Tire Shop here and while it’s fine, the meat quality is not great (This after two recent visits). My vote goes to Tacos La Carreta for the flavor and quality of its carne asada. Sinaloan-style carne asada done right.


If you’re OK with more of a sit-down situation, Sonoritas Prime is really underrated for its steak tacos (like actual ribeye, etc for carne asada tacos). I also like Perro 110 though their flour tortillas are a little thick for me. Sonoratown is excellent but in terms of pure beef quality, I think La Carreta and Sonoritas Prime are up there for me.


Finally for late night tacos, my vote goes to Los Palomos (@lpalomos on IG). Their al pastor is superior to Tamix and Leo’s (which are both still very good). You get higher quality, better seasoned pork in heaping portions.


They have two locations in Pomona, both still up running.

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does anyone know of places with sweetbreads/molleja (particularly ones that are chilling in a choricera)? i’ve seen a place mentioned in the chowseeker taco thread that has pork molleja on the menu, and it was at one time on the menu at the king taco on cesar chavez, but i haven’t seen it on any other menus as a regular item…

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Del Taco for sure, trust me


Barstow location for extra awesomeness.


Anyone been to El Ruso since they opened a truck in Silver Lake? (Or did they just te-locate their truck).

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I live close and go probably twice per week (not great for my figure lol).

Only went once to their old location, and believe they’ve moved to Silverlake for now. Without indexing/comparing to the old, I quite like but don’t find transcendent. For me, the salsas/lack of salsa variety is a weak point, but I’m not an expert on Sonoran stuff so maybe there’s something I’m missing. Each order gets a little bag of lime, cabbage, cilantro onions, and a red and avocado salsa, but as a sauce person I typically prefer to condiment my isht to my own taste.

The move is their Friday/weekend special, the Ahuja plate, a short rib meat taco and then a short rib bone plopped on a cheesy tortilla with a little meat attached. Also their Muneco taco, which is chicharron in salsa roja and asada. And the sobaqueras.

Edit: I buried the maybe obvious lede that their flour tortillas are very, very good.


Good lord, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since this thread was started. Just a quick update, I got the cemita from Los Originales De Puebla yesterday and while it wasn’t bad I still think Cemitas Tepeaca (at least the location I linked to) is better.

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Sonoratown Sonoratown

and if you like seafood, Holbox.

That’s it. You’re welcome.

i vacillated between el ruso and sonoratown for flour tortilla, and unfortunately chose el ruso. the silverlake location quality seems to have gone down a lot compared to before - from a sample size of one visit, the tortilla seems to have lost a lot of the qualities that made it great, particularly texture, and also seems to have very slightly shrunk in size? the asada was also lacking in smokiness…

birria el jaliciense at 3442 olympic on saturday mornings is some really outstanding goat! the best-tasting goat fat i’ve had in a while, very clean, pure richness

asadero chikali is maintaining its consistency with the flour tortillas

los originales tacos arabes de puebla is also maintaining its consistency with the tortillas and the arabes


Make that a sample size of two. Bummer!


no smoke whatsoever on the asada

i had driven by at around 11 when they were presumably cooking up the initial asada and there was tons of smoking wafting out of their truck, but apparently to little effect. its also sort of jarring how little overlap there is between the current clientele and that at the original location…

on another note, tireshop is doing solid (this time was a lot better than my previous time, maybe in part by comparison against el ruso)

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Sonoratown, Guisados, Guerilla Tacos, and Tacos 1986 are all within a 2 mile radius from one another.

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Personally would only put one of those in the upper echelon, and in that area I think one would be much better served popping East across the river to Boyle Heights or South across the 10 to South Central.


PSA for anyone interested in trying them out, go there soon. They get crowded anyway and it’s usually best to get there by 10 at the latest to ensure not missing out. But I was there a couple of weekends ago and there was a film crew. Looks like they’ll be featured on a show which only make their lines more insane

So before they get “discovered” and overrun by cred chasing hipsters, go beat the lines. A good bang bang is to hit them, followed by going west on Olympic to los dos chingones for some some carnitas then walk across the street for mariscos jaliscos.


They get crowded anyway and it’s usually best to get there by 10 at the latest to ensure not missing out.

they had a pretty good stream of customers already at 8:30

A good bang bang is to hit them, followed by going west on Olympic to los dos chingones for some some carnitas then walk across the street for mariscos jaliscos.

i did tacos y birria la unica for a couple quesotacos (no line in the morning), followed by tacos de canasta el abuelo for a few tacos de canasta and the limon pepino agua


I’ve had good luck timing it for about 9, seem to catch it in between the first opening wave and before the second wave.

Nice back to back with Unica and El Abuelo! Yeah, if I can roust myself early enough on a Saturday, making the run early from Westside to that side of town to beat traffic and the lines is the way to go.

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