What cake do you bake?

My attempt at Ms Moennig’s pound cake.

Added lemon zest (1 tsp) and poppy seeds (1 tbls) to make it a lemon-poppy seed cake.

Colleagues enjoyed it, the recommend glaze helped with the dry crumb. :disappointed:


looks great to me! not every cake needs to be super moist but then I love plain pound cake. Add more poppy and lemon zest then rub the zest in with the sugar and it will absorb the lemon oils from the zest. Why not do a light glaze I’m sure it would look pretty

Do you have a pic of the tin you used? My tin is quite light, and my color and crumb looked quite a bit different than yours. I only poured drizzle over about half the cake, and the half w/o drizzle was still decently moist (for a dense cake).

I imagine poppy seeds would go quite well w/ this recipe. :slight_smile:

That sounds quite delicious.

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Round two w/ an angel food cake pan.

OMG! This came out such much better than the first time around. Very moist, and not because of the strawberry compote I was generous with. I also did not improvise w/ added ingredients.

Thanks again for sharing!nRjbWMGoT2mZfjGaS1NAjA


Don’t know why, I’m a big fan of cheesecake, from Cheesecake Factory.
Was trying to make one, as good, myself for a long time. I found a special recipe here, that aims to replicate it!

It’s in Spanish, but there is a link to original recipes as well. And to be honest, using just an in-built translator is sufficient enough to get the idea.

After several trials and errors, I actually made one exactly like Cheesecake Factory. Friends could not tell the difference.


She spoils me