What can I make with short grain rice?


My friend - who puts a pot of short grain rice on every morning - sometimes uses the leftovers for an Italian inspired dish w/cream, parmesan, peas, prosciutto/pancetta & herbs.



Can I make fried rice or will it be too sticky?

Yes, you can.

Cook the rice. Leave it out in the fridge overnight uncovered. The next day you have the perfect base for making fried rice.

ok, will do. A friend gave me some Tamaki Rice, but it’s short grain. She was insulted that I buy rice at the 99 cent store. lol

She says rice is an important part of any dish, I said it’s not, unless it was sushi. She wants to show me I’m wrong.

Risotto, paella, deep-fried rice balls (a distant memory form my short period as a macrobiotic in the early 70s), and jambalaya come to mind.

Here is J. Kenji Lopez Alt’s take on fried rice if that is your pleasure, http://www.seriouseats.com/2016/02/the-food-lab-how-to-make-best-fried-rice-chinese-thai-wok-technique-right-type-of-rice.html. He is a big fan of short grain fried rice.


I made chicken fried rice. It was good. Have some rice left will make jambalaya next. :slight_smile: