What dish do you cook that everyone raves about?

I make the best damn kick ass tacos known to man. .

Overall, I’m a pretty good cook but its my tacos that everyone swears by…
Crispy taco tortillas are the key…fry up flour tortillas too!

I use extra sharp cheese, green onions, avocado, sour cream, super hot salsa…
Variety of high end hamburger, grilled chicken breast and Morningstar Crumbles tacos for us, fruits and nuts tribe…:+1:


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My cioppino . Starts with fish stock made from fish frames . That’s the key . I make it around Christmas time . Recipe to long to write up .


Smoked baby backs. My wife’s family requests them all the time.
Smoked sausage and chicken gumbo.
Braised lamb shank.

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Madhur Jaffrey’s sour chickpeas. I double the spices.


When people ask me for recipes, I put them on my web site.


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Peanut butter (start with roasted nuts and then add sea salt to liven it up)

Apricot or peach jam (tree-ripened fruits and judicious amounts of lime juice are key)

Hokkaido bread (it’s all about the tangzhong (湯種), or flour paste).

And, then, after enjoying each of those individually, enjoy them collectively as PB&J sandwiches.


This is so stupid, but I make peas and baby onions in cream. It started as a quick throw-away side dish at a Thanksgiving dinner one year, but now people suggest I make it for Fourth of July or birthday parties or something.

And it’s stupid because I keep telling people it’s just a bag of frozen peas and a bag of frozen baby onions with a pint of heavy cream (the real kind) and salt, simmered until the cream thickens down.

But everyone thinks it’s like an amazing miracle or something. Cracks me up. :slight_smile:


You’re an interesting eater.

I like a lot of different kinds of food and have tried my hand at a lot of cuisines.

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Heart be still on cioppino making drummer…hope you make this for your dates!

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Sometimes the easy stupid stuff, gets the most raves. .
Think I’m gonna make it for the holidays.
Thanks Bookwich!

Oh yeah baby…
Does nectarine jam exists?
I’ve been on a PB& fancy pants French Blueberry jam lately…

Love your eclectic recipe list Robert!
Plus, I love listening to your fusion Oh Death & Mutations mix…

Well, my last name is Cooke. I had to learn how to cook or be shamed. So here is my not so short short list.

Braised Short Ribs
Potato Salad
Potatoes Au Gratin
Lemon Meltaway Cookies
Fried Chicken… Pretty much any kind of chicken.
Guacamole - My nephew says nobody should ever make it but me. I love that kid.

I do vegetables too. But no fun talking about that.

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I love talking about vegetables, @TheCookie. Except bitter melon and okra. :slight_smile:

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Okay… Here’s a couple.

Sherry Vinegar & Molasses Glazed Carrots
Braised Greens w/Smoked Turkey Leg

Do tell!

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Robert, I make those chickpeas too. They are addictive :slight_smile:

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Mole Poblano and Chiles en Nogada

Oh, and a 60+ year old family recipe called Joe’s Baked Beans. No one knows who Joe was and at this point anyone who remembers where the original recipe came from is dead. But the bake beans wildly popular when I make them


I will so tell. Got a busy day today, but will post it soon. I am always willing to share a recipe.

Those sound really good! How do you make the carrots? That’s a new one.