What does "quarantine" mean?

I see part of a discussion that I was a part of has been moved and I don’t have access to it. The term quarantine was used. I wasn’t going to reply again but am not familiar with the term.

Could be temporary between something being flagged and a moderator making a decision.

@discourse do you have a FAQ item that answers this question?

It’s when a discussion has violated the terms of service of FTC, and it’s been quarantined and put off-limits.

And @robert, this is intrinsic to FTC, not a discourse function.

Thanks then, robert.

We don’t have any special terminology around “quarantine” that I’m aware of?

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Oops, meant to writ “ipse.” Thanks.

I thought it was a Discourse thing because someone flagged a topic because it was uncategorized and it showed up as quarantined. But I guess those were unrelated.