What farmers' markets vegetables can I freeze and how?

The season is winding down and I’m dreading it. More than I ever had because with 100 degree plus temps here a lot of dinners were cooked on the grill.

I’ve cut corn kernels off the cob and frozen. A buddy blanches tomatoes, removes the skin and freezes. I’d love any and all suggestions. Being a born and bred Southerner I love okra but can’t imagine what to do with that. Please help me :slight_smile:

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I freeze tomato sauce, peach and plum purées, whole berries, and melon juices. I don’t freeze vegetables generally, but when I do they are usually cooked. I double up on batches of corn risotto or baba ganoush, or roasted peppers.

For freezing whole berries, chunks of fruit, young ginger, etc., use a plate or sheet pan and spread out the fruit or vegetables and once frozen, bag it up. I never worry about ice crystals, I simply give a quick rinse in cold water, then defrost.

And I agree about this time of year, I get sad when grapes and figs show up at the farmers’ markets.

I forget about all the summer vegetables and move into the roots of fall and winter.

@Bookwich, thanks A LOT for sharing this detail. I’ve frozen tomato sauce in mini-muffin tins like you describe.

I intend to go a little crazy tomorrow at the market we generally go to :smile:

And I need to find dishes/recipes for such things that are something special. The glories of summer produce need little enhancement. Thanks, Em. PS: Are you around Shasta these days? How’s the smoke?

Delta fire 28 % containment today. Not as smokey.

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That’s outstanding news! It’s just become the way of life in the West.

We make big batches of pesto and freeze in oiled muffin trays; once solid they got popped into freezer bags.

Yes to freezing berries, prepped peaches and nectarines, too. And bags of peeled tomatoes.


We love grilled peaches. Don’t you think we could do some and freeze? In addition to ‘just’ eating, we sometimes serve them with ice cream. Wouldn’t that work?

Heading to the farmers market in the AM! :slight_smile:

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Got some peaches this AM and the vendor said she cuts them in thick slices and freezes on a baking sheet and putting in zipping bags. Uses in smoothies, in oatmeal.

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Here we go!


Tomorrow is the farmers’ market. So many decisions :slight_smile:

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At our farmers market, they started to sell roasted chiles, including poblanos, which you use to make chile rellenos. They said you could freeze them, roasted, if you just remove as much moisture as possible. And yesterday my aunt said another aunt, who lives in Phoenix, also freezes her roasted chiles, including hatch chiles. I haven’t yet, but I was thinking I could slice a slit in them to remove the moisture from the interior and them wrap them in plastic wrap individually, the way I do my fish filets from the fishmonger.

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I roasted some Hatch chiles a few years ago. After letting the still hot ones sit in a plastic bag, I peeled them them removed the pith and seeds and froze. Unfortunately they were so hot that even the tiniest amount rendered the dish inedible. Won’t take that chance again.

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But they defrosted well?

I froze them individually on a baking sheet then into a zipping bag. So yes. Made throwing them away easy :slight_smile:


oh, okay. Never though of that! Thank you!!

Just like I did with the above peaches. And I’m going to try it with some okra.

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TJs sells chopped frozen hatch chillies. I roasted, peeled, chopped and froze my own for a couple years until I discovered these. Much easier!

I do the PYO Roma tomatoes at Underwood Farms every year. This year, I picked 50lbs, which is what I usually pick, give or take a few pounds. I purée some raw and freeze them in cubes, i purée some and cook them down into paste and then freeze in cubes, and then the rest get cooked into pasta sauce, portioned into gallon freezer bags and frozen. Takes me a couple days to get them all done, but it’s nice to have the cubes/sauce on hand. The uncooked ones are usually used in my indian cooking.


As others have posted, tomatoes and peppers, roasted first, freeze really well. Corn- I started to do this with corn from my garden, which needs to all be harvested at once, now if I dont grow it I buy some farmers market corn to be sure I have some in the dead of winter. Also I have an abundance of summer squash, I roast this and puree with homemade chicken stock and that is a lovely easy winter soup base.

Blanched tomatoes, removed the skins, froze on a baking sheet and into zipping bag.


Okra, same as tomatoes, no photo.

Corn, cut off the cob, wrapped in plastic (FoodSaver kept pulling liquid out), and into zipping bag.