What happened to FFY Noodle House in Rowland Heights?

Did anyone ever go to FFY Noodle House in Rowland? I think JGold wrote about it sometime between 2006 and 2010 when it was still in Monterey Park.

It closed last year, anybody know what happened and any info on new opening somewhere?

I haven’t been to the Shanxi Noodle House that opened in the same location but it doesn’'t look that good.

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Restaurants come and restaurants go. Shanxi Noodle House is really quite good. See this LA Weekly article from JThur01

Chef Hua (sp?) left.

No man, this is my La Barbera; the dumplings will haunt me forever!

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I miss Ffy Noodle House. Been to Monterey Park since Exilekiss wrote a review and followed them to Rowland Heights. Personal favorites were Fish Ball soup, Za Jiang mian and freshly made Baos.

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Their scallion pancake was supa hot fiya! Probably the best version I’ve had of that in a while. Super oniony, salty and not really that oily at all. Gosh I miss that place so much.