What is new that is must try for quick LA trip

Believe @foodie4life is coming from Denver based on posts on that board.

Yup! I am from LA. Moved out to Denver in Feb. We have tons of great options out here in Denver so I am not lacking great food. But really want to try something different when I get back home. I am sick of always just hitting the same restaurants every time I am there.

Howlin Ray’s is number 1 on my list. Going for early lunch on Saturday. I have been dreaming of this sandwich since they opened their place.


Great list. Definitely a few on there I have had my eye on for awhile now.

Good choice with Howlin Ray’s! Get there early, though. Before they open. The line can easily grow to an hour or more within 15 minutes of opening.

If you give up on Howlin Ray’s, or maybe just want the mother of all bang-bangs, head around the corner to Little Jewel of New Orleans for po’ boys.

Also, have you been to Gjusta in Venice? If not, that’s a must imo. Try the porchetta melt and prime rib butcher sandwiches. Soooo good.


If you have time on Sunday I’d recommend a walk through Smorgasburg, which has a ton of cool new vendors and vendors that otherwise have weird hours or distant locations. I’ve gone in the morning and had no issues with crowds or heat. Some good discussion here.

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Note that Gjusta is not a restaurant, service is very slow, and seating verges on nonexistent. It’s one of the worst places I’ve ever been served good food.

I WISH I could make it to that. I have plans with a super non adventurous eater that morning. So next time I get to town I will be going there looks incredible.

I have been to Gjelina same owner right? That was very excellent. Looking more for a dinner option.

Be there by 10:30 else expect at least 90 minutes wait. I was once there around 10:40, and took about an hour to get my meal.



Chicas Tacos


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Jitlada for Southern Thai - love their pork foot soup - food crazy hot!
Ruen Pair - Thai - I love their blood soup and pork intestines (melt in your mouth!) -and they have an amazing thai dessert place across the mini-mall
BS Taqueria - get their creative options - the regular mexican fare is good but it’s their inventive take on things like rice and beans that shine

I’m not sure Jitlada and Ruen Pair meets the “new” criteria…

This thread needs some pictures.

Howlin Rays

Raku (order at least two of these for yourself)


What are those drumstick looking things?

Tsukune is a Japanese chicken meatball most often cooked yakitori style and sometimes covered in a sweet soy or yakitori “tare”, which is often mistaken for teriyaki sauce. Wikipedia

Same owners but very different experience. Almost like a hipster Jewish deli, if that makes any sense. For my money, it’s some of the very best food in town, and I actually prefer it to Gjelina. It’s very chill at dinner time and there is plenty of seating then. However, it’s not a full-service restaurant, as @robert noted.


THAT SANDWICH!!! I need this is in my life.

Try Norah in WeHo. I think they opened shortly after you left, but they are more in the vein of “fine dining,” though with a distinctly more casual and hip concept. Very popular place right now. If you check out the menu, we tried the iron skillet cornbread (best iteration of this newly retro dish), and about 6 items from the “Second” list (eggplant & cauliflower; summer squash & burrata; heirloom tomatoes; roasted broccolini; uni butter poached shrimp; and the maltagliati) plus 2 excellent desserts. Tasty cocktails too.

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Seconded. I view it as a totally different experience and I like it quite a bit more than Gjelina. While not ideal and a very slight hassle at times, I don’t find their seating/standing options to be that off-putting. I think it’s a must try.