What to cook when you've got way too much _____?

Sour cream

I accidentally ordered two 16-oz. tubs when shopping online. Suggestions? I have a memory of something like coffee cake that used a lot. And there’s always Bavarian.

rocket / Arugula

Marcella Hazan’s bread, potato, and rocket soup from More Classic Italian Cooking (criminally left out of the later “Essential” consolidation) can’t be beat. The recipe says two cups of rocket, but you can use a pound and it’s even better.

Yep! With the sour cream you can make any number of cakes. Even soft batch cookies. You can add it to curries or last minute to certain pasta sauces, stroganoff of course. Dips and salad dressings are also yummy and no brainers.

Surprisingly it keeps VERY well, especially sealed. so even if you don’t use a ton, you probably have a good amount of time to go through it.


Good point, maybe there’s no reason to worry about using the extra pint.

Blue cheese dressing’s a good idea, a couple of weeks ago I made a similar mistake and ended up with twice the blue cheese I meant to.

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HA! I find myself with a wedge of point reyes I need to use up soon myself. Hubs does not like Blue Cheese Dressings or crumbles (even on beet salad!) but likes it with chicken wings, with are a PITA to make a home. I’m going to instead make Buffalo Chicken Burgers (Ground chicken seasoned with Franks and other spices)



My mom braises chicken in el pato, onion, a bit of broth and sour cream iirc. Pretty darn good

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HA! My mom adds sour cream to her green enchilada sauce as a ‘secret’ ingredient as well.


Sour cream + Lipton’s onion soup dip with chips.


This is a lot easier than trying.

Sour cream and the seasoning packets that come with packaged ramen ala Dave Chang


It’s still a little too much pre-work for someone who’s life is dictated by breaking news… : / My meal plan is more like meal suggestions… LOL!

I’m always looking into the fridge the day after . Ok so that’s what’s for dinner . It’s a beautiful drive to the store .Way to much is a good thing .

So do I.