What to do with shrimp, corn and grape tomatoes (and other things)

I have the above along with a bunch of different herbs (mint, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, chives and tarragon. I could serve over pasta or with rice. Oh yeah and Vidalia onions and morel mushrooms. Any ideas? I can wing it of course but if y’all have some combos you particularly like give me a holler. TIA.

How about making this relatively simple corn and tomato salad, and pairing with some sauteed shrimp?

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ipse, I like this a lot! Thanks. Here’s an old CH suggestion from @hotoynoodle

" i like this. will fry some bacon and remove the strips. then add cherry or grape tomatoes, and some garlic and thyme to the fat. cokk that down. add some red chili flake and at the end cook the shrimp and finish with a knob of butter. plate and finish with crumbled bits of bacon. i’ll do this with less than excellent shrimp."

Two of my fave food folks. Thanks.

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Cat . What do you mean ? Bad shrimp . What …

That was a quote from @hotoynoodle. I assumed she meant not ‘fresh.’

Got it

So I combined @hotoynoodle and @ipsedixit and came up with this. Terrific. Thank, kiddos.