What to do with thick/meaty chicharron?

Just discovered this at Vallarta over the weekend:

What do y’all do with this? I ended up treating it like thai crispy pork belly. So I sliced a bunch of it to eat for fun, and cubed up a bunch to eat with tortillas. Don’t know what else to use this for, besides asian noodle dishes?

I basically gnaw on it with intermittent dips of salsa.


I’ve looked through a gazillion pix and can’t find what I’m looking for. But my fave Latino market makes chicharrones in salsa verde with this type of chicharron. There are lots of recipes online. It’s a wonderful dish. But sometimes I’ll just buy a piece and munch on it.

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Dice into chunks, place in corn tortilla with cilantro, white onion or escabeche de cebolla, salsa verde, maybe some cojita or crema.


Our fave Mexican place makes chicharron tacos with just the skin. The skin and meat would be great. I make them sometimes. Will have to try it that way. Thanks.

is it crispy or soft? I’ve had chicharron tacos which were braised/soft and that is definitely NOT my preference for chicharron.

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“en salsa verde”? Definitely soft. Fatty and meaty and wonderful. The ones I made or have with just the skin are chopped small and crunchy.

The local Latino market in the Westside is Northgate. Before, it was Top Valu. Haven’t tried Northgate’s version of what I described, but when it was Too Valu, they pulled the chicharron from the steam tray (looked like the ones in your photo), chopped it up and pretty much made the tacos as I described. They were crispy with that meaty part as a nice counter in flavor and texture. Only problem is often they fry the hell out of it to the point where the attached meat is dry.

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Here’s a video (in Spanish but you get the point(s)) using the non-meaty type but I’m guessing what I buy is done this way. You now roused my appetite so I’ll have to hit the market and take some pix as well as purchase :slight_smile:


Use as shoehorn

Chop it up and stir fry it with some Rau Muong/Water Spinach with some oyster sauce, fermented bean sauce, garlic, bird eye chiles, with a pinch of sugar.

Served with steamed rice, 1-2 fried eggs, and some prik nam pla!!


I would probably chop it up coarsely and make chicharron, jalapeño, cheddar corn bread.

Cook in skillet over stove and then transfer to oven so the bottom gets nice and browned. When it is ready to come out of the oven, drench that fucker with some butter.

The jalapeño is green, which makes it healthy.


Beer snack!:grinning:

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That’s my way too! Yum! As long as at Vallarta, I’d pick up a spicy green and eat like chicken tenders and dipping sauce.

eating it straight up was too hardcore for me. i broke some up into the surprisingly decent mexican rice @ vallarta, and also used them in my chicken tacos.

on a related note, the whole chickens @ vallarta are freaking delicious and only $8. Why the hell am I buying $9 whole chickens from Gelsons, salting them 3 days in advance, and then spending an hour cooking it?


La Victoria - Whittier

You guys are hitting it on the mark with the taco tip. My crew made me eat it @Chowseeker1999! It stuck to my teeth like pork pull taffy… but it was f-ing delicious!


that inspires me to go home and make bean and cheese tacos - refried beans, some type of queso, and crunchy/meaty chicharron pieces on top.