What to make with already cooked chicken?

I haven’t been able to get past that. I don’t taste soap but I just don’t care for the flavor. It’s taken me decades to get to the point of tolerating small quantities. But I still can’t abide when a dish is covered with fresh cilantro. I don’t taste anything else.

This is me. Being Indian, and living in So. CA, there’s cilantro everywhere! I always have to request no cilantro when I eat out. At Indian parties, I take my sweet time trying to scoop food out of the dish without getting too many cilantro leaves in it.

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Constant battle for me when I go out for Indian food to ask for no cilantro. Since it’s usually a finishing garnish, I don’t think I’m asking for too much. But half the time, no matter how much I ask and remind the waiter, especially after we’re done ordering and it’s read back to us, the dishes come out with the cilantro on top. It’s frustrating.

Weirdly enough, I can deal with the background flavor in pico de gallo or red salsa or guacamole if it’s a sprinkling well mixed into it. But if it’s too high of a ratio, I have to pass. Which stinks since I love chips and salsa and guac.

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