What's At Your Local Farmers Market? A Look At Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Meats, Nuts and More [Thoughts + Pics]

For real!?! I was there at 8:30 and was told they only had them earlier in the season!

Went straight back! They only had half a clamshell of samples left. They reluctantly sold it to me and told me they usually ONLY sell them by reservation. The extras get put out for the public at 11:30. That’s so crazy! I’m now the 40th name on next weeks reservation list. Thank you so much for the tip!


fml i forgot about these. was too busy with the andy’s orchard nonsense :sweat_smile:

I was at Andy’s at like 9:15 and they basically had nothing available for civilians already. Seems a little silly but hey, not like there aren’t a ton of other options.

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The white nectarines at Ken’s Top Notch are um well top notch. Delicious and sweet. We like these white nectarines better than than Arnett which are super sweet but don’t have as much nectarine flavor as Kens which are also sweet.

The pluots at Arnett are excellent this week. Here are our four favorites.


Bragging about how crunchy their pluots are?

I think the word they really mean is “crisp” (having had a fair number of Arnett’s pluots over the years).

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I hit Cerritos this morning only to find that Tenerelli is no longer on the vendor list.

Gonna hit Long Beach tomorrow.

Baby Crawford peaches from Galpin Farms PSA

Regier also had these, limited to this week. I haven’t tried them, but they seem to have very good reviews on Google and from what Regier was saying.


Is Harry’s Berry’s missing from all the FMs recently? On 07/03, they had no strawberries by 11:45AM or so. This wk, there weren’t there (Sunday SaMo along Main/Ocean) at all.

Scott’s (stone fruit vendor) was totally cleaned out of yellow peaches, except for 2 (both of which were a bit over-ripe, so he gave us free slices from one of them). When partner went to the Wed SaMo this past wk, Regier’s was totally cleaned out of peaches by 11AM.

I don’t know who all the b*ches are who are going relatively early, but leave some stuff for the rest of us!!! :wink: and :stuck_out_tongue:


Harry’s Berries were there in Hollywood today. It looked like they also had some tomatoes for sale.

Other things I saw today for the first time:

-Locally grown mangoes ($8 each, they were gigantic)
-Finger limes

Still plenty of stone fruit, some berries, and ears of corn are starting to arrive


There’s an update on their IG. They will no longer attend the following markets for the remainder of the season:

  • Sunday - SM
  • Monday - Weho
  • Tuesday - SB & Torrance (they did post an exception for Tuesday July 12th)
  • Friday - Hermosa

Thank you!!! We were able to grab them (Harry’s) at the Wed SaMo one. I had really missed not having them (love them in my breakfast yogurt). And I think we are in peak season. They are all the “correct” size (small) and so sweet.

Also finally grabbed some Tenerelli’s. Superb. Although I can’t say if they’re better than Regier’s and Scott’s. And speaking of Scott’s, he said some chef came around today and cleaned him out of his ripe stock. Which one of you mofos did that??? :wink:


We got Mara des Bois strawberries for the first time at Chino Farms a few years back. They were so good we went back a few days later only to find that Alice Waters had cleaned them out for some event nearby.


FYI there were Persian mulberries at both Tenerelli and Weiser on Wednesday and I went relatively late. White peaches were my favorites this week; depth + sweetness from multiple vendors. I keep on getting not quite perfect watermelons but that’s on me.

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I think these Sugar Giants should be out soon because I saw a recent video showing Sugar Lady peaches, which come right before the Sugar Giants on the ripening chart. Or maybe if anyone has seen the Sugar Giants, please report. Thanks!


Chino Farms is the way and the truth and the light.


Speaking of, has anybody had their ice cream yet?

I was driven back some last week, but it had half-melted by the time it arrived–crystallized after re-freezing. I was assured it was delicious.

Got some kens top notch stone fruit and added first of season backyard mission fig. Topped with kinako whipped cream (yes similar to dessert at hayato) and foraged elderberry syrup.