What's cookin'?

Fusion food! :slight_smile:

What the hell is saliva chicken?

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When you forget to tell your butcher to remove the chine bone from your rack of pork. This is going down for 4 hours in sous vide and a nice sear.


Could you, if not too late, take a pic of it in the ‘cooker’ please?

Sorry. All cooked and eaten.

Got a couple of little butternut squash in the CSA box, so I made a gratin with Manchego, butter, eggs, and nutmeg.


That is so badass!

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That squash turned out more like a spoonbread or savory pudding than a gratin. Definitely a keeper.


Wow, that looks yummy!

I took a quick peek at the recipe, wonder if I could also make it with pumpkin? I mean, since you are pureeing the cooked squash, couldn’t I simply start with a puree (aka canned pumpkin…)?

Sure. I think most canned pumpkin is butternut squash anyway.

The stuff from China? I agree. The color is so much lighter and it’s not as sweet. But the grown in America, Libby’s stuff? Feels like pumpkin to me!

Give me a bit to try your recipe with pumpkin and report back. Feels like it could be such an easy, joyous T-day side dish!

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My gruyere potato sauteed onion mozzarella Sicilian last night. NO RECIPE


Bello .

I think I need to bake it hotter and on the stone. It’s drying out too much

I’ve used this technique and like it a lot.

The short ribs with that nice layer of fat. So delicious.


Yes that’s the basics of my pizza doughs but I’ve trying to perfect Sicilian (pan pizza). Round pizza I can make easily

I was really referring to the cooking technique. Pre-heating at super high for a long time, etc.