What's cookin'?

The stuff from China? I agree. The color is so much lighter and it’s not as sweet. But the grown in America, Libby’s stuff? Feels like pumpkin to me!

Give me a bit to try your recipe with pumpkin and report back. Feels like it could be such an easy, joyous T-day side dish!

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My gruyere potato sauteed onion mozzarella Sicilian last night. NO RECIPE


Bello .

I think I need to bake it hotter and on the stone. It’s drying out too much

I’ve used this technique and like it a lot.

The short ribs with that nice layer of fat. So delicious.


Yes that’s the basics of my pizza doughs but I’ve trying to perfect Sicilian (pan pizza). Round pizza I can make easily

I was really referring to the cooking technique. Pre-heating at super high for a long time, etc.

This better be worth the price!

Tomato sauce…gonna add a clove of garlic and some basil.

As long as I don’t over cook the angel hair I think it should be tasty.


How was it?

NY strip. Buy one get one free this week at Bristol Farms with a coupon. 10th anniversary dinner with a nice bottle my friend gifted us.


I always wondered what a regular (not sweet or pie pumpkin) would taste cooked. Well when Superking had all their halloween pumpkins marked down to 10¢ a pound - for $1.80, I got to find out!

As the first pic will show, way bigger and denser than I thought it would be!

Then washed, chopped and cleaned to be pressure cooked.

Took me multiple cycles to get it all cooked (yay extra “rings” and an extra non-stick liner, so I could wash and swap stuff out pretty quickly.)

Bottom line? It tasted like butternut squash. Great fun, I am glad I did it - it bakes and cooks well. Have tons packed in ziplocks in the freezer for future play. But for pies? I am now comfy that Libby’s is actually truly easily the awesome choice : )


https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/napa-cabbage-and-cucumber-slaw but no cucumbers and after salting with 2% by weight I just let it sit for a few hours before draining.

We get huge amounts of nappa in our CSA box this time of year. One of these days I’ll try making kimchi.


Looks promising. Meat from Prime Meat Market On Beach Blvd.

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onion-bacon-anchovy-hot pepper sofrito for the sweet potatoes

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Bacon Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin.


I didn’t have any chutney so used some Ikea orange elderflower marmalade. After cooking, the CI skillet had so much good ‘stuff’ left that I deglazed with some white wine and then, what the heck?, dumped the mustard/marmalade into it. Really good.


Cream of celery soup.

I needed one stalk of celery and had to buy a whole head. So did a quick search and got this soup. Awfully good.

The under appreciated wedge salad. What’s not to like. Bacon, blue cheese, onions, egg, avocado, tomatoes with a nice balsamic vinaigrette.


Not that a vinaigrette might not be more appealing a few days after Thanksgiving, but I think by definition a wedge salad has creamy blue cheese dressing.

That reminds me, I need to make reservations for a steak dinner.

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