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Many halal and hispanic markets sell it.

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Did they sell both lamb and mutton? They call them both cordero.

I’ve asked about mutton at every halal butcher in this area. Only lamb.

Depending on the market, you may have to special order it. Keep in mind that halal markets only sell freshly butchered meat so if it’s a smaller or less busy market, it may not be something they bring in every day.

I always ask about ordering it. No luck.

DIY chirashi, not much cooking lots of prepping…

Uni, Spanish mackerel, octopus, Kumamoto oysters over akasu (red vinegar) seasoned Japanese rice


Holy (spanish) mackrel that looks fantastic.


This would be fun here if there were enough participants. One day mayhaps.

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That head peeking out! Too much! :smiley:

Spicy, I love looking at you posts. I would really appreciate more recipes or guidelines. I’m not too familiar with the Sichuan kitchen.


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That screams winter in the best way.

Love that collard recipe. Blows my mind every time I make it.

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I would like recipes. Otherwise they’re just pretty pictures to me.

Beautiful. How was the spice level? I saw scotch bonnets, chili pepper and habanero in the recipes. Yikes.

[quote=“Bookwich, post:344, topic:3429”]
Radicchio and orange salad. This vinegrette was excellent. Balsamic vinegar, walnut oil, orange juice and orange zest.

[quote=“Bookwich, post:344, topic:3429”]
Chowhound’s December 21016 Homecooking DOTM is citrus salads, in case anyone is wondering.
[/quote]That’s a good one. My lemons are looking good. But I’m not finding good oranges.

[quote=“spicybrooks, post:350, topic:3429”]
Braised Duck with Chinese Rice Wine
[/quote]That looks great.

[quote=“President_Mochi, post:358, topic:3429”]
This would be fun here if there were enough participants.
[/quote]I’d be up for it after the holidays.

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[quote=“frommtron, post:359, topic:3429”]
That head peaking out! Too much!
[/quote]OMG. I just noticed that (iPhone). It still looks good. Poor ducky.

‘Marea’ style lardo, uni toast with a sprinkle of fleur-de-sel


I totally agree about that collard recipe, @frommtron. It’s in heavy rotation at my house.

Thanks so much, @TheCookie! I bet your son might enjoy these recipes. Yeah, I tempered the spiciness to my tolerance level. It was just spicy enough.

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