What's cookin'?

I’d wondered about that old so thanks. This looks and sounds great. That’s our fave cut.

I tried to reach through the phone for a taste. Fabulous

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Shakatouille’s a better name that ratshuka, right?


Would have been a total kids’ meal if not for the liberal dose of chile flakes in the tomato sauce and the figs poached in red wine and thyme with the rice pudding.

Instead of flipping or broiling I finished the top of this green bean fritatta with a torch, worked great.

First course was spaghetti al pesto. The whole meal was yellow and green. Except for some of the wine.


Do you ever use the TJs haricot verts? I love them.

this spicy tomato chutney will change your life (it may also end it).

recipe here.


These days we’re getting CSA boxes from two farms, so I buy almost no other produce.

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Interesting. The recipe would be easier to follow if the ingredients appeared in the list in the same order they do in the recipe.

Made a sort of barbacoa: chuck roast smoked until 165 Fahrenheit then let it finish in the oven with beef broth, garlic, onion, oregano, cumin, bay leaves, S & P. Made burritos and Mac n cheese with it.


i prefer not to write recipes for the benefit of the simple-minded.

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Writing confusing recipes doesn’t make your readers stupid.

sorry, that was flip and rude even by my standards. on the other hand, if you’re not being a pedant for pedantry’s sake and actually managed to be confused by that recipe then…

I was confused enough that I gave up on reading it and posted here instead.

life must be an adventure. i wish you luck.

With that attitude, you’re the one who needs luck.

For what it’s worth I thought the recipe was straightforward and easy to understand.

@robert, what was confusing about it?

I find that incredibly rude…way beyond “annoying.”

i did apologize.

Thanks. I didn’t make it that far. Go in peace :slight_smile: