What's cookin'?

That’s aioli in the mortar.

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I had five ounces of ground beef and half a can of coconut milk left over, so I made a sort of curry with onions, eggplant, chickpeas, Jimmy Nardello peppers, mild jalapeños, tomato paste, ginger, pilpelchuma, and garam masala. Unphotogenic but tasty.


A friend found some pizzoccheri in Salt Lake City, of all places, so I’m making it tonight. Comparing four recipes from authoritative Italian sites, all for about the same amount of pasta, to serve four:

  • 100-500g cabbage
  • 240-700g potato
  • 75-300g butter
  • 1-6 cloves garlic
  • 60-350g Casera cheese
  • 10-100g Reggiano

And the ratios of cabbage to potato vary from 1:7 to 4:3. Must be one of those dishes where every nonna has her own recipe.

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tuna with cannellini and onion, roasted Jimmy Nardellow peppers, hummus, ratatouille, tomoato salad with feta, bread still warm from the oven

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250g pizzoccheri
275g Savoy cabbage
300g potatoes
8 oz. butter
3 cloves garlic
200g Raclette
75g Reggiano

This was good but half the butter would have been fine. Definitely could have used more cabbage.

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