What's cookin'?

Tried to order some barley finished british baldies for this weekend but alas the slackers ain’t delivering til 1/4 :triumph:

From an email they sent yesterday: “Due to a national shortage of dry ice and widespread shipping delays, we will not be shipping orders until 1/04/21.”

Beet pkhali. Georians say it’s best the next day but I don’t know if I have the patience.

I must be going crazy. Bought a whole chicken, cut into pieces, brined in buttermilk for a day and fried in cast iron for a trip to the park. Lot of work but it sure does look tasty.


Nothing better for a picnic.

Georgian-ish menu: lobio, beet pkhali, Wisconsin bread cheese, fried goetta, toast

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I have no idea whether this is authentically Texan, let alone West Texan, but it’s very good. I omitted the beer and masa harina. Half a recipe made over a quart.

Nice recipe… similar to mine but I do add the bear. One thing I do add when I want a little more structure to my Chili is not Masa Harina… but crushed tortilla chips. Adds a nice toastiness and I think thickens better.

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This was going in Frito pie and nachos.


Turns out cauliflower leaves are tasteless. Oh well.

spicy tuna for crostini: olive oil, onion, roasted green chiles, Penzey’s Indian crushed red pepper, chunky Pomi, tasteless Kirkland albacore, Turkish black olive paste, capers, Frank’s RedHot

Stress baking…

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars…rich, decadent and a little naughty
(from Dorie’s Cookies)


It’s being used for vaccine shipments.


Spice inventory:

Got jealous seeing those beautiful ban chan at Shiku but then my mom gave me these. Two of my favorites

Spicy marinated crab. Our family prefers the spicy over the soy sauce version

Roe with sesame oil green onions and spices


scrapple made from scraps of Christmas pork roast and Chinese takeout roast pork

Fried in lard over medium heat for 12 minutes on the first side and 6 minutes the other.

For reference, this was the same pan and heat I use to reheat pizza, which takes four minutes to get crisp and hot.


Made this recipe for dinner. It was a little more work than I envisioned but the results justified the extra steps. I kinda naively thought penne alla vodka was just going to be tomato sauce with some cream and vodka. It basically is but more steps to blend the ingredients together.

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Italian recipes typically use passato di pomodoro rather than canned tomatoes, eliminating the need for the food processor. When I’ve had it at restaurants in Italy I could never taste vodka so the tip about adding a little at the end seems wrong to me.

I used half a 28oz can of crushed tomato Bianco DiNapoli since it was going into the blender anyway. There is a whole onion and some garlic so blending it altogether does make it smoother. I don’t have a blender so had to use the bullet twice. Did not add extra vodka at the end because

  1. I didn’t want my kids to be tipsy
  2. I don’t actually want to taste the vodka either

My daughter said it was one of her favorite pastas ever so I have to make it again.