What's cookin'?

Any recommendations on pizza stones?

I’ve never used one but just read this article suggesting that its not needed: http://www.thekitchn.com/why-i-dont-use-a-baking-stone-for-pizza-221500 And can you use it for anything else?

QUICHE - beetz, goat cheese, thyme, cat

PASTA - sausage, lots of garlic & ginger, spinach, zucchini noodles


Perfect. My kitchen cannot handle another pot, pan, utensil or gadget.

If her method works, this beat up old pan of mine should work just fine.

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I use a pizza stone and of just about anything I own it takes up little space. I have it down with cutting boards. I’m considering getting a 17" square steel ‘plate’ so I can make two small or one large. They’re expensive IIRC but I’m thinking about seeing if I can get one fabricated locally. I’m a real rule breaker when it comes to pizza stones. I wash mine which is supposed to cause them to break but I can’t even remember how old mine is :slight_smile: And a lot of people store them in the bottom of their oven. As I’ve mentioned I do think that super hot heat (I do 550) for a long time is a key element.

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One of our favorite meals (B, L or D) is what I call a ‘fauxtata.’ Kinda a frittata omelet hybrid. You can make it with anything. These pix show it with leftover salad!

Bits and pieces of anything that wouldn’t even make a decent snack will make this.

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Yep… I do that too. On Sunday I look in the fridge and see what odds and ends will go good in an omelet or pasta.

Ditto re pasta.

I just saved this recipe for “breakfast carbonara.” Got the grandkids (and their boring parents!) coming up in a few weeks and think this sounds super.

[quote=“catholiver, post:27, topic:3429”]
Got the grandkids (and their boring parents!) coming up
[/quote] LMAO!

Well, I don’t say anything behind their backs that I don’t say to their faces. J/K . Our kids are great. But there’s nothing like grands.

To stay food related here’s 4 y.o. Tep with his first experience using chopsticks. I got him ‘trainers’ after that.

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So cute. I’m the same way about my godson. His mom is my cousin and best friend. But half the time I forget she’s in the room when he’s around. Looking forward to grandkids.

We also taught him to ‘twirl’ his pasta :slight_smile: I make Hazan’s carbonara everytime we’re visiting in Seattle. Hmm, that’s a thought for a thread. What to cook when kiddos are there.

Grands are the very, very best.

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Not a good photo tonight but this panko crusted sriracha cod is so good.

Along with corn on the cob and sauteed morels.

I think the picture looks good. I love using panko breadcrumbs. But mayo on fish… well on everything, is my weakness.

I make a salmon appetizer with a whole fillet, spread with wasabi mayo, sprinkled with ebi or salmon furikake (or both). The ebi is sweeter, but fishier. Then broil it until med-rare. Okay so don’t laugh… I serve it on a platter with Ritz crackers. There is something about the buttery, slightly sweet Ritz that compliments the salmon.

I’ll post a picture next time I make it.

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We may be the only people on the Left Coast who don’t swoon over salmon but that prep sounds really good.

Re Ritz crackers I have a vague recollection of a restaurant serving still warm, baked Ritz cracker (spread with butter?) as a little amuse before that was being done here in the US. And it was really tasty.

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Tofu, carrots, squash, zucchini, radish drizzl’d in a mirin/gochujang/soy s/sesame seed oil/apple cider vinegar sauce.
The tofu with was great with the sauce. I think the veggies would have been better from a grill, but alas, I don’t have a grill. I also forgot to add corn. Damned corn slipped m’mind!


Tasty & Healthy

The same as when you cook for yourself

They love stinky cheeses but not yet into spicy or ‘odd’ flavors. I tease our 4 y.o. grandson that I’m going to make him spicy salad - the only things he’s mentioned that he doesn’t care for.

Our 4 year old daughter also sometimes she doesn’t like something but once she tries it an actual meal she is often interested to eat it especially if it is combined with something she is more familiar

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I totally agree with you but as the grandparent I don’t have day to day access. I’d say neither of our daughters are real adventuresome when it comes to food. No chicken feet :slight_smile:

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