What's cookin'?


You have chickens!!!


My hen bring all the roosters to the yard, roosters to the yard, roosters to the yard…

(Yee Aye Yee Aye Oh…)


Lamb bacon is great

There also other recipes

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Peas and mushrooms and what? Looks like a fave ‘melange.’


Basically Alfredo with peas and mushrooms. No pork as the second course was basically coda alla vaccinara.

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Haha… I once sang that little ditty about my mise en place. I ended up sleeping on the patio.

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Did someone mention peas?

Peruvian Chicken Soup - inspired by @Bookwich’s post. My motto is - why do scratch if there’s a good hack on the market? Well, that’s not really my motto, but…



Leftover Peruvian Chicken (pulled off the bone) from El Pollo Inka & Yellow & Green Aji Sauces from Chicken Shack (long story), Onion, Garlic, Peas, Celery, Leftover Rice & Basmati Rice (no quinoa yet), Sodium-free chicken broth, Packet of Concentrated Chicken Broth, Olive Oil, Lime, Sprinkle of Tajin, a little liver-y chicken treat folks call the Oyster - some might call it lazy chicken cleaning, I call it yumm.

Yellow Aji Sauce

Mixing Latin Food Metaphors?

The next day I added more Lime, a Tortilla & Sour Cream.

Husband said it was insane! :kissing_closed_eyes:


It looks insane…ly great!




As in I wish you lived next door and we could come for dinner.

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We’re leaving town tomorrow so trying to use up a few dribs and drabs of things in the fridge. A little ‘blob’ of bulk sausage, some mushrooms that Bob had sauteed in butter with garlic powder, s&p, maybe a tablespoon of Winnimere cheese (rind removed). With a piece of WF rosemary sourdough toast.


Whenever I have shrooms I always think dinner. Note to self - sautéed shrooms in cheesy omelette.

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Where are you & Bob off to?


I made a grilled cheese mushroom sandwich a while back. I used cheddar and Elsie Dee recommended Swiss.


The full recipe seems relatively easy, but I don’t know if it will compare to Chicken Shack’s delicious Aji Sauces. That reminds me, I need to do another edit. :blush:


Very nice


SF…for five nights!

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Fun. Are you going to Dragon Beaux?


We are!!! I’ve resisted for too long :slight_smile:

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