What's cookin'?


Couple tablespoons of Olive oil in a fry pan . Med heat . Cook like a pancake.

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Tonight’s dinner - wonton noodle soup with homemade charsiu and pork wontons (made a double batch last time and froze).




We had a fair amount of fancy ricotta left over from New Year’s tortellini. I thought it was sheep’s-milk ricotta, so I toppped this focaccia with rosemary tomato sauce, merguez, green bell peppers, and Trader Joe’s P’tit Basque clone. Turned out it was cow’s-milk ricotta but it was plenty sheepy anyway.


Looks and sounds great. How do you make rosemary tomato sauce please?


Looks great @robert.

I bought 2 pizza dough balls to try once again to get the smokey, chemical smell out of my new oven. It was fine then started acting up again after Tday. Turns out the oven is a lemon and it’s being replaced (faulty igniter). So maybe I’ll use the pizza dough for food. :slight_smile: I have a toaster/convection oven. It won’t fit big pans or a pizza stone (not that I have one), so I was thinking to do a mini something - bites, flat bread, pigs in a blanket. Pizza dough is not my medium. Any suggestions?

It comes with that 12” round pan and rack on the left. This is the best kitchen purchase I’ve made in a long time, btw. We use it way more than the oven now that I’m not cooking for the tribe as much. I did those turkey thighs in it! No more microwave!

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What about an upside down CI skillet?

Could you talk some more about the toaster/convection oven please?


Ahhh… good idea.

Sure, here are some of the features.

Crumb tray

We don’t have A/C so it’s great in the summertime.


There were some leftover canned plum tomatoes so I put them through the food processor, added rosemary, and cooked it down to a pizza-sauce consistency. Normally I’d use Pomi for that.


Did you really finely mince the rosemary? Or? I love the sound of it and have PLENTY! of rosemary all the time of course.


Mince rosemary? Hell no. I just clip a sprig or three from the bush and pull it out later. Or strip the leaves from the sprig and leave them in.


I didn’t think that was a good idea but was clueless :slight_smile: So just kinda “infused.”


Yep, I prefer the pullout method leaving just the essence.

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Also known as the “Shawn Kemp Method”


Oh you boys. :roll_eyes: I thought you might get a rise out that, haha. But seriously, I don’t like rosemary leaves and try to use just the sprig for flavor then pull it out.


Last night’s dinner was not the most balanced:

  • duck foie gras torchon with toast
  • blood sausage with new potatoes fried in goose fat
  • trotters simmered with tomato, ginger, garlic, and shallots
  • lettuce and radicchio with celery root remoulade

Was that your Super Bowl food?


The salad was in a bowl.


So plain , so good . Kraft American on two thin patties with diced grilled onions .


Beef braciole.

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