What's cookin'?


I’d guess kalimata or oil-cured olives + difficult lighting.

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Hazan’s butter onion tomato sauce, a blob of basil puree, grape tomatoes, shallot, shishito peppers, mushrooms, yellow onion, kalamatas, red bell pepper, Italian sausage, thinly sliced and cooked bacon, mozzarella. Hmm, what am I missing?

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The Kalamatas are what look like prunes?


Gotta be although they look larger in the photos. They are halved. And the second pic is before cooking so it’s not like anything cooked to that color.

BTW the shallot, shishito, mushrooms, yellow onion, red bell pepper were all sliced (very carefully) 1/8" thick on the mandoline. And everything was pressed between paper towels to soak up some moisture.


I spent yesterday afternoon trying to catch up with the backlog of produce, leftovers, and various odds and ends. Ended up making a pasticcio of onion, chard stalks, tomato, leftover mixed greens in trotter aspic, chickpeas, butternut squash, Pecorino Romano, and tubetti rigati followed by sliced oranges macerated with lemon juice and zest.

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Chilly day in Los Angeles, so made a giant pot of lentil soup (food for the week!) and am in the midst of baking up a batch of the peasant no-knead bread : )


Good idea. That reminded me to soak some flageolets.

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So did you use the full amount? I ordered the pasta and it came today. I got the cabbage but forgot it had potatoes so I’ll do it tomorrow.


Made this again last night. I forget just how good it is.

With a pork chop’s worth of meat left I mixed it all together for at least one more meal. (TJs Harvest Grains and their fresh green peas. I made the grains with chicken broth.)

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Bought two huge ribeyes for dinner but then we didn’t feel like eating steak, so I made this stir fry recipe with them. I quadrupled everything in the recipe and it was delicious. I also made it a lot spicier.


Do you think you could do some or all of this well in advance and then reheat somehow? Maybe the potatoes and then the cabbage? Or the potatoes, pasta, cabbage? I’m using non-fresh pasta. Could I do the whole thing like a lasagna and then reheat longer? I’m not at my best when doing lots of bits and pieces right before dinner. Hey, I’m a senior citizen :slight_smile: Thanks for any suggestions anyone has.


I guess you could pre-cook the vegetables and prep everything but the butter and pasta ahead of time.
I’m not sure how turning it into a lasagne will work out.
I don’t think it’s too fussy for a weeknight, though, as is. Especially if you cook it the traditional way and don’t separate the components.


I just used lasagna as an example as I always get it all set to go into the oven and all the components are already cooked. Not layered just pre-assembled. I’ll ponder on it. Thanks, f.


I came across a recipe somewhere for roasting cabbage whole at 300 degrees for two hours. Strange I can’t find it in my browser history.


Whoa. How was it?


Can’t wait to see the inside of it!


I know exactly what that is on the rice. :heart_eyes:


It’s nice. Cooked all the way through. Easy to peel off leaves.


The leaves make nice wraps.

I wonder if wrapping the cabbage in foil or parchment might produce the same results without making a few outer leaves inedible?