What's cookin'?



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Watching Inspector Montalbano I got inspired to try making something like pasta 'ncasciata. I made what I thought was three portions. Over the course of a week or so it ended up being three meals for two and one lunch for me.


Maybe I’ll start doing that.


Yep, prepping ahead seems like a pain, but it makes everything easier. I prep. I’m just a slow cook.


Especially with pasta I can get everything done EXCEPT the pasta hours ahead of time and dinner is then super quick and easy.


Got some Augie’s smoke meat, Trader Joe’s corn rye, and trick-can Guinness, and am braising Savoy cabbage with Benton’s bacon and onion. It’s not corned beef and cabbage, but there’s nothing Irish about that anyway.


It’s that time of year again . Reubens tomorrow. With Russian dressing.


How’d you do it?


Nice cut from premier meats lake Shasta city. Uncured . I would just put a 1/2 cup of water in the crockpot next time. 4 1/2 # cut . Cook for 7 1/2 hrs on low .

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With corning mix or whatever you call it?


Corning mix .Wtf is that . Just straight up good product. Completely naked.


My husband had no cooking skills either - and I am too cheap to pay for meal service. So our compromise was buying a really good crock pot cookbook - and he cooked from it once a week. Made a huge difference in his skills, gave us nice healthy food that was budget friendly - and I was so happy to have a night off.

We stopped doing it for a bit (#life) but I think we’ll be going back to that soon.


So do you recommend them? Want to make sure my friend knows about them if you do.


Why bother. I would not seek any of it out . When they are busting at the seams with the best food in the us .


Huh? Who/what’s busting at the seams?


Isn’t it corned beef?


Oh, uh, @Emglow101, I was talking about my friends in Mt. Shasta City.


Light dinner - Dutch white asparagus with mousseline sauce topped with shaved truffles and gran biscotto ham.


Misread your reply . Yes it was corned with no nitrates. From premier brand meats in Shasta lake city .

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Oh… To have that asparagus with a good baguette and a nice glass of white wine? Heaven. You do good work!