What's easier than grilling things over charcoal?


Damn straight you can cook . Best of .

You’re generously looking past me slicing the steak along the grain


Not a problem for me . I’m going to take that slice on my plate . And then slice off bite size pieces against the grain .


we all assumed you would slice again against the grain.

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Sometimes I go full madlad and want to floss with meat

Steak n lamb

Broccoli jalapeño anaheims


i’ve concluded that prime is indeed waaaay better than choice


Bristol Farms sale this week
Prime dry aged NY strip $19.99
Great value


Thanks I’m on it! That’s what it cost at ralphs for a half ass cut

I just ordered one of these. I figure the push-button gas ignition will mean I’ll grill more often. They threw in professional assembly for free.

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looks like awesome functionality. gas ignition sounds lovely. too bad you don’t live here.

Man, the Weber 26 is by my favorite grill. I would recommend it over the Performer. So much grill real estate and the same Weber quality.


Please talk to us about that meat.

lamb leg cross cut rare? hell yea

Shoulder chops from a half lamb from Full Belly Farms, from which we get our weekly CSA box, which the broccoli and potatoes came from.

Great flavor, but to me it’s kind of a weird cut, I’d rather get the shoulder in blocks.

Had the exact same thought when someone gifted me a lamb a while back. There’s still lots you can do with the meat but kind of a bummer that some options are taken away

This cut looks great to me the way it was used. Grilled, kept super juicy. Lots of different areas to explore.

The big question is whether that’s indica or sativa in the jar behind the meat

The chops were delicious. Marinated in hard-stem red garlic, rosemary, Meyer lemon, salt, and olive oil for an hour. For chops I’d just rather have rib or loin.

Capsicum annum.

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