What's easier than grilling things over charcoal?


And pita with ketchup and velveeta is pizza


You’re cute.


Lazy cassoulet: lard, onions, flageolets cooked with green garlic stems, Kiolbasa sausage, d’Artagnan duck confit & magret, Fabrique Delices duck gizzards confit.


Holey moley! I need to get more of those sausages - Costco, right?. That sounds so wonderful.


Always curious about cassoulet. What pot do you use? Any particular cooking methods?


I meant to ask what you grilled? The sausages?


Some steaks and cedar plank sockeye action yesterday


It’s not really cassoulet. I’m too lazy.


What are those black lines on the three steaks along the back?




LOL. I see now :slight_smile:


I hear ya’. I tried it once and it was a work out. It turned out well and tasted good but getting that crust on top with the luscious stew underneath is a practiced art - one not mastered by me.


Nobody noticed that we were grilling on gas on monday for that steak/salmon and gave me shit? Yall are slacking :stuck_out_tongue:

wasn’t at my home… we’ve used that grill a lot before and it never gives off any nastiness, so i’ guess @robert is right. the couple of places where the gas is gross (grill beef hearts at takatis come to mind) must need a good cleaning

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I saw it. I let it go because you’ve got some serious game on the grill and sometimes we do what we gotta do.

I have a BGE for smoking and a Fire Magic gas grill, which is great for weeknight grilling and really large parties. I’ve never noticed an off flavor from it. I actually preferred to cook expensive steaks on gas (before I switched to cast iron) because I wanted to taste the meat and felt that the smoke had a tendency to take over. To each his/her own.

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Thick steaks we almost always use cast iron. Got this ‘technique’ from jfood of CH.

"1 - let the steak come to room temperature for around 30 minutes out of the fridge
2 - Jfood suggests a VERY hot pan; most on the boards will tell you cast iron since it holds the heat best and will not lose temperature when you add the steak
3 - place the steak in the hot pan and do not touch it, do not push it, do not squeeze it. Just stand there and whistle a tune.
4 - When you see the edges get brown, flip it (this is called searing)

5 - place pan with the steak into a 400 degree oven to complete the cooking.

Invest in a thermometer at the beginning. Place through the side of the steak and check the temperature. jfood takes it out of the oven at 130 degrees. BTW - Be REAL careful using a potholder when you reach into the oven. Real freakin’ hot. Burns are not fun, but is a badge of graduation."

We did major remodels to two homes that already had natural gas so we had lines run to the deck/patio so we never have to run out of propane again. And we have a Brinkman smoker that uses wood “pucks” and I quickly discovered that I definitely don’t like mesquite.


Mesquite charcoal burns hotter, that’s the only culinarily significant difference between it and other natural charcoals.


I just don’t like the smell of mesquite. We have a Bradley smoker that uses “real” wood bisquettes. Liked all but the mesquite.


Oh, wood, not charcoal. Yeah, that’s too smoky.


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I definitely prefer cast iron steaks and is how i roll at home.


Yes, I only quick grill like shishkabob on mesquite. clean burners for long smoke