What's easier than grilling things over charcoal?


What would it replace? I’m at a point where I honestly can’t justify getting something new that doesn’t do anything more than what I already have.


The de Buyer are the standard for those pans. They come in a couple thickness. Generally heavier is prefered. There are some off brands that aren’t bad but almost always thinner

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I’m not familiar with this site but seems to have some good general info.


I have two Matfer Bourgeat, one deBuyer Mineral B and one Paderno, they all perform the same and I hear Paderno is a bit thinner. Also, the deBuyer has a rounded handle which is slightly more comfortable for saute movements and carrying with heavy items, but I find it less grippy as well. Some people don’t like the welded handle on the Matfer but mine is solid AF, I don’t see that being a problem.

My next will be a deBuyer Carbone Plus just because I am curious about the performance.


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So does that mean that you don’t have enough “pots and pans” yet?


Cast iron hot skillet pad handles are can easily snap off if dropped in a kitchen. I have seen two break from being dropped. I have never seen a carbon steel handle snap off, although I am sure it has happened before.

Also, cast iron when filled with hot liquids and transferring from an oven are very heavy and require a cook to hold and the joint of the handle which puts tremendous amounts of heat and weight in the lower index finger. I have many 1st degree burns from cast iron simply because the weight as opposed to carbon steel, carbon steel is much more manageable in that respect. Maybe it does not pertain to your personal usage, but it is a factor whether you believe it or not.

I am not here to trash on cast iron, it is a very good kitchen tool. I am just giving advice that in my personal experience, I find carbon steel superior for my usage. Carbon steel pans have not only replaced my cast iron, but also my regular frying pans as well.


You’re set then.


I have CI DOs that sometimes have a goodly amount of hot liquids but not skillets. IIRC the skillets go from the cooktop into the oven and never have liquids in them. I might make a little pan sauce afterwards but that would be it. Guess I’m lucky that I can’t remember dropping even a cold CI pan/pot :slight_smile:


I did a SV porterhouse last night and finished in my new(ish) carbon steel pan. It worked great.

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I got the DeBuyer Mineral B for Christmas. Still working on the seasoning, but I’m loving it so far.


animal fats work the best ime but i guess everyone has there own tricks for seasoning the pans


Agreed. My initial cooks have been bacon.


A win-win!


had to do it again… getting the hang of it… next step is tryin my own blend


Grilled some fish and other things for mamas