What's Kinda Weird


I feel this is cool and clubby. And I know a lot of the people from before. What’s odd is it doesn’t seem to have the reach of the old CH where somebody would show up out of the blue with this crazy incredible rec. I don’t know. Maybe that’s coming? We can hope.


Most of us have only been here a week. Spread the word…Have you check out Chowhound at all lately?

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Give it time to grow and word of mouth to spread - This site needs to reach a “critical mass” of readership before the sort of thing you’re describing will occur.


I still kinda like it.

oh, yeah, I owe you a fucking ice teller. though I didn’t have one just yet for my fucking bday and that ain’t no fucking joke.



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Fair point - it will take time, some press and I think, and open, “arms” from all of us. But it is poised for success I think.


I expect we won’t get many newbies until there’s enough content here that the site starts showing up in Google searches.


seems to me that someone posting about algerian tacos would fall in that category. i was intrigued, anyway.


The current CH doesn’t seem to have the reach of the old CH, either.


It’s grasp has exceeded its reach.

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As someone who has been more of an observer than an active poster, the initial reason I visited Chowhound was to follow your informative posts and live vicariously through your expense accounts (@ruskar)/last dollar, …but at some point it became equal parts food, equal parts snappy repartee. There’s not much of that dynamic at CH now…meanwhile, it’s evident here…


Welcome . It’s happening .

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