What's the deal with One One/Luscious Dumplings in Alhambra?

I’ve read that it’s the same spot, same owners, new name BUT that there’s beef with the Monrovia Luscious Dumplings? But if it’s the same owners, why the name change?

And then, who’s running the Highland Park offshoot?

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Didn’t somebody say it was warring members of the family?

Daughter and son-in-law run the one in Monrovia. Supposedly, the parents still manage the San Gabriel location.

Visions of Chairman Kaga asking, “Whose dumplings reign supreme?!” running through my mind as I read this…

So, what about the Mukden Dumplings in Glendora. It was my understanding it was in-laws running that one?

Not sure about that one. When we dined there a few months back and had a conversation with the daughter, Mukden was not mentioned.

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