What's your average daily spend on weekday lunch?

Even though I enjoy going out to lunch . I always thought it was lame to wait in line or order food for lunch when I was on the job . You ended up gobbling your food down , wasting money ,and not even relaxing. Not condemning anyone . That’s my 2 cents. I enjoyed bringing my lunches to the jobsite. Average spend , under 3 dollars.

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I get what you’re saying. I’ve even ‘repurposed’ leftover salad…into an omelet.

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Less than a dollar a meal since I’ve been eating rolled oats from Sprouts + a scoop of protein powder for lunch daily for the past 3 years.

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Do you make porridge from those or just choke them down dry?


ETA: @moonboy403, it took courage to admit that. Could be grounds for BFL - banned for life :slight_smile:

Hot water + Quick Oats + Protein Powder = Meal in a cup

Can’t get any healthier than that! I load up on veggie for dinner…

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That’s like 80% of the way to Soylent.

That way, I don’t feel guilty when I load up on junk food, AYCE, taco trucks, and whatever the case may be!


I doubt your doctor would agree with you but whatever floats your boat.

My dietitian friend and another doctor friend approved, so…

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I should have been more clear. Eating that once a day is unlikely to offset all the other stuff. It won’t hurt though.

Umm if his lunch is oats and dinner is all veggies that is pretty damn clean eating. Breakfast I assume is something clean too. Eating out once a week is fine.

Don’t mean to be rude, but you come off as being in “Mom mode” a lot, not in the caring way, as in the judgemental and questioning way.


You’re right. I apologize, moon.

One more mom moment:

Two and a half sentences in and the author(s) have managed to include: “can” “may” “some”.

I don’t read articles like that.


That’s a silly response to responsible reporting. The fundamental problem is that Congress abolished all regulations for dietary supplements so you can’t trust the labels.

Some protein powders you definitely don’t want to eat.


Inform yourself or maybe eat poison. You can always buy a new body.


Yup. The supplement industry is indeed filled with questionable products and the hidden dangers of protein powders had been well documented by Consumer Reports in 2010.

Here’s the one I use. It’s by no means perfect, but it’ll do.

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Exactly. Special interests FTW. Always.

I have a lot of medical background and only read and pass along info from reputable sites. I had to scroll through quite a bit of unverifiable and anecdotal info before I found this. Harvard is dependable AFAIK. They use those words when saying that more work needs to be done.

There is a lot of quite questionable data/analysis etc coming out of Harvard

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But why protein powder ?