When did TG Kitchen close?

I just noticed this last weekend that TG Kitchen closed in San Gabriel. Does anyone know when this happened?

i don’t think i’ve been to a single restaurant in that mall, though i’ve been inside the SG superstore countless times.

It’s been closed for at least one, probably more like two, month(s).

being replaced by

mama’s dumpling house

Looks like Mama Lu is moving in.

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that didn’t occur to me but that sounds right:

replacing the one that got crushed by the fire engine maybe?

the chinese characters are almost the same except ML has the character “1” leftmost “一”
while the new place has what looks like “have” “有”

with the other two characters being the same.

anyone much more conversant with chinese characters care to chime in?

Paper signs on the wall at Mama Lu’s 2 says new branch is now open (though gives an opening date of November 23), with address of 608 E. Valley Bl., San Gabriel

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Top photo: “Ee Koh Fu”, which means “One Mouth Fortune” or “Mouthful of Fortune”

Lower photo: “Yeoh Koh Fu”, which means “Have Mouth Fortune”


It’s a new one in addition to the since re-opened location at the corner of Garfield & Emerson.

I thought #3 shut down. It was pretty dead the last time i went.

thanks. i could identify the first character but not the other two.