Where can I find Uni?

Does anyone know where i can buy some sea urchin? I’ve only been able to find online proprietors.

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Any Japanese market with a fish counter is a good bet.


Maruhide in Torrance.
They have various fresh uni as well as uni shuto.


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I’ve seen it at H-mart.


Sorry, that’s in Seattle but thought you might enjoy the photo :slight_smile:

Where are you located? Might help us help you better…

Live or boxed?

Dry Dock Provisions has live urchins sometimes. Think you can call them up.

The Joint in Sherman Oaks.

You can buy it from Stephanie Mutz direct in Costa Mesa. Really good quality SB uni that a lot of restaurants around town use. She also sells her urchins at smorgasborg, through somebody else though.

I’m located in the Valley, most of the fish markets I’ve been to don’t have anything too out of the ordinary.

i’ll just leave these here


A photo at The Joint Eatery

A photo at The Joint Eatery



Mitsuwa usually has it sometimes they’ll even have trays of bafun uni for $100, I’ve only seen it twice though.

Sounds like a few of the other poster’s got you covered; unfortunately I’m probably least familiar with the SFV of all the regions of LA in terms of where to get what.

I would have said Whole foods here but the post Amazon world appears different.