Where can I get a tender and Juicy Carne Asada Burrito?

Yes! I was just trying to think of the name of this place.

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Try Rodeo Mexican Grill on Olympic. I thought the meat was quite tender. Not a fan of the carnitas though. They have free parking and the place is full of Mexicans. If you’re willing to do the drive, check out La Azteca in East LA on Cesar Chavez. The tortillas are also hand made and to die for.

Is the ribeye burrito called a carne asada burrito on their menu, or is it a separate item?

Looking for a good carne asada type burrito in West LA.

Out of curiosity, did you ever try it with the mayo just to see what it’s like? haha

Had the carne asada burrito from Anaya last night. Insane. One of the best I’ve had.

Man, I’ve never had a bad thing there. Even the chips are tops.


The chips might be the best tortilla chips I’ve ever had. They should sell them by the bag!

I’ll say, their asada doesn’t seem to be marinated in anything though, was that just my experience?

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i’ve finally tried inconsistency there… twice the carnitas was old and dry as fuck… i get the burritos for kid and when it’s from yesterday it’s obvious.

just went for the ribs and pasta with fam on thursday

anaya has ribs and pasta?

Ye. The costillas are my girl’s favorite.

Had Sonoratown. was ok. Tacos better than Burrito.

“Tacos better than Burrito” is just an unavoidable fact of life :slight_smile:


I had some today as well. Quite enjoyed my carne asada burrito and bean n cheese. Didn’t order any tacos though.

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Burritos in SD are so damn good


This shop Benitos at Fairfax/Beverly does a pretty decent San Diego style carne asada burrito (can confirm lived in san diego for 6 years)

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I don’t know about this…

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Thanks for the rec.

They have another delivery/takeout ghost kitchen on Santa Monica Blvd. at the Colony.

I miss their place by the car wash closer to Brentwood. Loved the taquitos. I guess I should give in and check out the colony one of these days

Check out Benny’s Tacos in Culver City. They make their own tortillas and also have a San Diego Burrito.