Where can I get

What are you looking for and having difficulties finding?
We’re bound to get answers here.

Mince Pie for the holidays?
Italian Stuffed Squid?
Which market has lumpfish caviar?
Which Farmer’s Market has chanterelles?
Mulling spices?

Little Italy / Mercato

Try Specialty Produce for the mulling spices and chanterelles

Not sure who would have the Italian stuffed squid, but start with Mona Lisa in LI

Betty’s Pie Whole in Encinitas for the mince pie

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Thanks for the recs. I’ll try them all. Must have mince pie for T-day.

There is gal here locally who was a pastry chef at some pretty big name places that left and opened her own specialty pie business. For the life of me I am drawing a total and complete blank on her name. She takes holiday pie orders and I believe mince is one of them. I haven’t had her pies, but I know people who have and they all give them an outstanding endorsement. Her name will probably start popping up in the local media outlets as we get closer to the holidays.

Fauchon’s “Aromates pour Poissons”

I’d be deeply indebted if someone out there is both familiar with the unique quality and appeal of Fauchon’s “Aromates pour Poissons” and knows of another source for an herb mix of equivalent quality and taste. While several trips ago I brought back a bulk bag of it in my suitcase, I’m getting to the point where I should start thinking of finding a worthy domestic alternative, if one could be found at all. Lord knows I’ve tried and still have to give it up to Fauchon…

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Curious minds want to know!

I heard Costco had chanterelles, i’m going to check it out today.