Where Do Twenty-one Year Olds Go?

I’m one of the resident concierge & cruise directors for my friends and family. :slight_smile: And have once again been tasked with finding (not going to) a place for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party… the twenty-first no less. It will be for 10 ppl and the budget is $600/$800 + Tip. Something lounge-y with a big bottle, mixers & appetizers for a couple of hours? Or a big table restaurant? She prefers “Asian or American food”. I don’t know. This is a tough age group. They’re not interested in the late 20’s early 30’s set quite yet.


Everson Royce Bar

The Perch

But then I haven’t been 21 for centuries now.


Yeah, but those are pretty good recs. :wink: Anything hip-hoppy?

Ipse is right. The Perch is ideal if on a Friday or Saturday night. But that budget may be low if they’re looking for bottle service…which they’ll have to do if they want their own reserved space/table. There will be hip hop.
I would suggest TAO if they’re into the Asian vibe. It’s a lot like their uber popular Vegas location…that will be on the budget high end.
E.P. & L.P. would also be a good option. It’s got the Asian fusion thing going on.
An idea for her, if she can get in contact with local club promoters, they may be able to set her group up with a deal…and it’ll be a better deal if the group is all female…or where the ratio is 90% female and 10% male. She can find them via Twitter or IG. That’s how my sister arranges for all her discounted fun in Vegas. I believe it works the same way in L.A…but I’m well retired from that life.


Oh good! I think their budget is low too. They may have to come up a bit.

Depending on where you go, bottle service for one bottle of Grey Goose or Patron can run about $500 per bottle…and some clubs have restrictions on how much space they’ll give per bottle ordered. Just some food for thought for you.

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Hah… I was just going to ask about Tao.

I’ll give her that all-girls’ club tip for another time. I think parents might be involved in this one. :sweat_smile:

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They got that speakeasy vibe, young people music (kind of a paradox for older folk but for the OP’s situation it makes sense), decent drinks and punch bowls, bottles, food sufficient for the environment, and most importantly no table charge/fits the budget.

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Thanks. I’ll send it to them a little later. Mom just texted that they’re in the middle of a sushi making class. That’s my kinda’ kid.

Okay, I’m so out of touch.

I just found out my son’s bestie & roommate, who works at the W Hotel, might have pull at Tao.


I am tempted to say, “Who cares?”
But I will leave it at, I don’t know.

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