Where the heck can I find ramps?

Over the last 2 or 3 years, as Spring springs, I read about ramps in several food magazines or food sections of the paper (not SDUT)? I look for them in better markets and farmers markets to no avail. They have them, I have heard, at Specialty Produce so they must be selling them to someone. Does anyone know where to find the darn things? They are something akin to a green onion or baby leek. Thanks in advance.

I saw them recently on the LI farmers market and one day at the WF in La Jolla

Thanks for the leads. I asked the produce guy at the Del Mar WF and he looked at me like I head 2 heads.

I found overall the LJ WF best in terms of knowledge from their employees, e.g meat, cheese and produce (I mentioned epoisses once to the cheese guy at the WF in Hillcrest and he had absolutely no clue that we were talking about a cheese)

Speciality Produce says they have 134.75 lbs of “Leeks Wild Ramps”

You should not find them at a certified farmers market because they don’t grow in California. They’re picked wild in the northeastern parts of North America.

You want a place that carries a lot of specialty produce, the kind of place that might have raspberries and baby green beans from South America in the winter, white asparagus and salsify from Germany in season, fresh red currants, etc.

North Park Produce

Did you find those ramps eatemup?


Yes and no. Some were gifted to me BY YOU! Much appreciated. I grilled some last night with a sherry vinaigrette (why is there an “i” in this word) and cooked some in butter this morning topped with an egg. Very tasty. Thanks for all the tips.

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Had them on pizza last night with garlic and extra cheese…delicious!

Also, made a salad with the leaves and stalk with avocado, cherry heirloom tomts with a blue cheese dressing and a spritz of Meyer lemons…:+1:

Grilling this weekend with them, along with asparagus and Alaskan Halibut…can’t wait!