Where to buy conservas in LA?

Recently visited Epicurus Imports and fell in love with conservas.
Any word on places with good selections?
The closer to Pasadena the better, but will travel.
Saw La Espanola in Harbor City carries some.




Psychic Wines and Tilda have both upped their conserva games.

Cimarusti’s retail store used to carry Rolando Pena when it was around.

If you don’t have any luck locally here’s a good online resource based in SLC https://caputos.com/conservas/.

btw they’ve got a great chocolate selection too.

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Heroic Italian in Santa Monica carries a selection of about 20 Galician conserves, mostly from Matiz or Pena. About $12 a tin. https://heroicitalian.com

I am not an expert but: otoño sells the canned conservas they used to have on the dinner menu.

Thanks for all the tips!