Where to buy leg of lamb in LA?

Does anyone know where to buy (bone in, ideally) lamb legs in LA? Not necessarily looking to pay Belcampo, Gwen etc. prices. Maybe there is some hidden gem halal/middle eastern spots I’m not aware of? Thanks!

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You didn’t say what area you’re in, but a Hispanic or middle eastern market should have them. Maybe call first to make sure they have them that day or call ahead to see when they will have it.

Thanks. I’m in Hollywood but will travel for lamb.

We love Costco’s boneless leg.


I’ve seen them at Hawthorne Market in Torrance, but give them a call just in case.

Hawthorne Market
24202 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 373-4448

See them at jons market on sunset and Vermont. Would also check the middle eastern market on Hollywood nairi meat and deli.


Try Harmony Farms in Montrose, although they usually carry New Zeland lamb
which I find not as good as US.
I like A Cut Above in SM, although they are more expensive.
Finally, I am not sure if Harvey Guss’s Meat Co is still operating in Mid
City, but I would check that out.

Try Marconda’s Meats in the Farmer’s Market at Third and Fairfax. They carry domestic lamb, which (in our opinion) tastes better than lamb from New Zealand.


I buy my lamb at West International Market on Venice Blvd., between Overland and Sepulveda. They will cut or grind lamb to order, and usually have lamb legs, shanks, etc. Call them first; their meat is very fresh, so they sometimes run out.



Try Jon’s Marketplace. They always have a pretty decent amount at good prices.

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Try Apon Bazar.

Whole foods or Bristol Farms will have them.

Agree, their lamb is sick.

OP, just look up Halal butcher. There’s a newish one by Jon’s on 3rd.

I was at Jon’s today. They had two whole legs from New Zealand. $4.99 lb.


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I don’t eat meat, but I do a lot of my grocery shopping there. The nuts in the bulk bins and the dried legumes are always fresh.

Their selection of Middle Eastern spices, grains, etc. makes this store a necessity for those of us who enjoy cooking Yotam Ottolenghi recipes.

Almost everyone eats lamb.

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I ended up getting two New Zealand lamb legs from Jon’s. Very mild but delicious. Cooked them “a la ficelle” (on a string) over a fire with a pot of beans underneath to catch the drippings.



Whoa. Marry me

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I did that with a duck using the fireplace for heat .

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