Where to buy skin-on pork shoulder?

I live out near Alhambra and have been trying to find skin-on pork shoulder for a few recipes but I’ve asked around at local markets, including both Ranch 99 and Pavilions, about where I can find it and so far, I’m turning up blanks. Any suggestions for anywhere in the western SGV I might try? Thanks!

I’ve bought them at Albertson’s before

I believe you want a picnic shoulder as they usually leave the skin on.

Harmony Farms

if you dont mind commodity pork then go to Smart and Final.

They usually have them. Or check out a larger Latino market.

What is commodity pork?


does it have to be attached? the question is whether you could get by buying pork skin separately and wrapping the shoulder with it.

or perhaps using pork belly instead?

What about a Seafood City or Island Pacific? They usually have stuff like that…