Where to eat in SF?

Yeah, after my meal at In Situ my mind was definitely full, but I was physically starving. (Nothing a fried chicken sandwich from The Bird, nearby, didn’t solve.)

I did, however, very much enjoy SFMOMA.

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Perbacco, Barbacco, and Triu Normand are open Mondays.

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It’s not far off from City Hall, if I remember right, but I have to put this in there.

I have eaten there once, ages ago, but it is one of the only times I’ve ever eaten truly upscale and thought “Ok. I get it. This IS double or triple the price of another place, but damn if it isn’t worth it.”

Magnificent steaks. Interesting, but not overwhelming salads. And when I went, little chile chocolate mousse cones for desert. One of the best restaurant experiences I’ve ever had.

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If you get to North Beach . The $ 5 focaccia from the Liguria Bakery , wonderful . The ladies wrapping your bread in paper and tying up with string . Peeking back into history ; with the the oven in the in the back of the bakery over a 100 yrs old . Priceless .
Next should be a espresso at Cafe Graffeo .


I wanted to wait until after my dinner at in situ to answer this. I had one of my best meals in awhile there (review shortly) and would recommend it for lunch over cockscomb with two caveats:

  1. It isn’t cheap, expect to pay around 100pp for lunch.
  2. The menu changes often and while my dinner last night was amazing, my lunch there a few months ago was good to very good.
    WSJ: Chef Corey Lee’s Imitation Game
    WSJ: Chef Corey Lee’s Imitation Game
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Hi @PorkyBelly,

Wow, very nice! :slight_smile: Darn, now I have to rethink my lunch plans. :wink:

To clarify, I see a pic and it says “momofuku ssam bar”. Is this all at In Situ? Or are these from different restaurants you went to? Thanks.

Yes, they’re all from in situ. Their whole thing/gimmick is to replicate famous dishes from around the world, all with the blessing from the original chef. They’re like a greatest hits cover band, and depending on who they cover, for example from last night, Amber, Daniel, Gion Sasaki, Au Pied de Cochon, Osteria Francescana, and Tickets, the results can be spectacular.

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They also have some local stuff from less famous places.

Oh one other thing:

How long would Lunch take at In Situ? Thanks.

Hi @beefnoguy,

How about first thing in the morning when they open (8 a.m.)? Is the line also bad?

About 1.5 hours.

Weekday mornings and surprisingly in my experience, weekdays between 2-3 p.m.

And before you go, make sure to check they are open.

By the way, not sure which hotel you’re staying at, but I always ask my concierge to have a box delivered to my room in the morning. Nothing like an egg tart wake-up call!

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In Situ also has a different menu in the lounge.

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And here it is

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I think you can get out in about 1.5 hours, just let the server know you’re on a schedule.

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Don’t know for sure about GGB. Probably not as bad as later in the day, lunchtime, or weekends. 8 am is not necessarily an indicator that they open on time, or will have the goods start coming out.

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For LA comparison Salt N Straw is heads and shoulders above Bi-Rite. Neither of which are as good as Bulgarini, especially the pistacchio when in season. I went to Bi-Rite 2 nights in a row after eating at Tartine and Delfina which are across the street from Bi-Rite. Bi-Rite certainly has most people beat on unique and fun flavor combinations but the ice cream does not hold its temperature very well and not as creamy as Salt and Straw. I would opt for confections and pastries at places like B Patisserie. I think SF does baked goods very well and more options closer in vicinity than LA.

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I didn’t much care for the apps, salads, or sides, but Bobo’s steaks were some of the best I’ve ever had.

You have a concierge at your hotel and I go down the hall to the bathroom where we stay :slight_smile: