Where to find good chinmi in NYC?

Shiokara, shuto, konowata… where’s your favorite place to get these little treats and some sake? Who out there has a line on the good stuff?

Sunrise mart is a natural choice although the selection is quite limited - they regularly carry shiokara, shuto and occasionally konowata . Alternatively head over to Mitsuwa in Ft. Lee.

How about Katagiri?

Another option is supplementing with banchan from H-mart. The seasoned octopus, clams etc.

Also consider bottarga.

Good idea, re: H-mart. Which location do you prefer?

I’ve seen shiokara and shuto at both Katagiri and Sunrise locations. The quality of the packaged stuff they sell doesn’t seem to match up to what I’ve been served on occasion at some restaurants, where these items are frequently off-menu. Guess I was more curious which restaurants have good versions of these items.

I’m partial to the H-Mart in Ktown. They have a decent selection of banchan.

Yeah the stuff in Katagiri and Sunrise is quite run of the mill. Haven’t explored too many local izakayas. How about Yopparai?

The new Hmart in the upper west side is pretty decent too! But of course the big ones in Jersey or in Flushing are the best.

Is the new location larger than Ktown’s?

Pretty similar in size I would say. Not cramped like the old Ktown location but not spacious either.

Yopparai is a good suggestion; that place is on my list to try. Have had shuto and ika no shiokara at Sakagura & Aburiya Kinnosuke.