Where to find Harissa in tubes in Glendale/San Fernando Valley?

Does anyone know where I might find harissa in tubes somewhere from Glendale north, preferably somewhere in the San Fernando Valley?

sorry can’t help in the valley, but at Jon’s markets they sell harissa in jars imported from tunisia.

I’ve found it at Cost Plus World Market.


I saw this at the Torrance location today, so I’m assuming all the locations should have it:

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AND it’s approved by the Drug Enforcement Agency! Score!

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There are plenty of Jon’s in the Valley including the flagship store on Sepulveda.

Those tubes are exactly what I am looking for, thanks! D’oh! I never thought to check Cost Plus, mainly because I’m over 40 miles from the nearest Cost Plus! But, I do make shopping runs in the area, so that will work. Thanks again!

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That’s the one I use. Grabbed at Surfas

Epicurus Gourmet carries them.

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Here it is on Amazon (Prime) <$7 for 2.