Where to find tea-type sandwiches?

We once attended an end-of-soccer-season party where the hosts had ordered these delicious tea-type (no crust, thin white bread) sandwiches with prosciutto (or similar) and maybe butter. They were delicious and my kid ate a dozen. I recall asking them where they got those sandwiches, but can only remember that they said it was from an Argentinian (or maybe some other Latin American) place. Can anyone help? I’m throwing a tea party for my cousin’s baby shower and no amount of google-ing has gotten results for me. And, no, I do not want to make tea sandwiches for 20+ no matter how easy they are.

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Try Grand Casino.

Also, I’ve also enjoyed the tea sandwiches at Clementine (though at this point it’s been over a decade since I’ve done tea service there).


I catered a party using sandwiches and empanadas from Rincon Argentino in Glendale.


You are correct that it’s an Argentinian thing (if googling, “sandwich de miga” is the name). You can find them at Mercado Buenos Aires or whichever Argentinian market is closest to you


TIL. thanks!

Also at El Gaucho Meat Market in Redondo Beach.

2715 Manhattan Beach Blvd

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