Where to go for Yoshoku?

Is there a one stop shop Yoshoku (or a mix of various places) for as close as you can get to Japan quality for:

Omurice (with tomato/chicken rice) and at the minimum a choice of hayashi or demiglace sauce

Beef katsu (and also serving Katsu Sando)

Hamburg steak

Yoshoku style potato salad

Menchi Katsu (or a Hamburg Steak katsu) and Ham Cutlet

Spaghetti Napolitan

Ebi Fry

and Japanese curry (not made with House Foods cubes).

I’m aware of Akane Chaya, Spoon House and Bistro Beaux (the latter two seem to focus mostly on wafu pasta). Any others?


Little Tokyo: Try Kouraku and Suehiro Cafe.


Cafe Hiro


Midoh in Rowland Heights for hamburg topped with cheese. They also have ebi fry. But the gyu-tan is really good, cooked like braised beef and topped with demi-glacé and served with a nice corn soup. The gyu-tan and hamburg are my favorites.

The chicken nanban is not really my thing, but they have it. Haven’t had their udon yet, I may try it soon.


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