Where to meet someone between here an san bernardino?

anyone know of a good place in between?


Where in LA are you and do you mean San Bern the city or county(if so which city?)

I’m in mid-city(LA), friend is in san bern city.

Lots of Chinese places in Arcadia.

Maybe not somewhere in between but closer to your friend in Fontana…

Mariscos El Marinero

Look at the pics on Yelp of the seafood towers!

Or East SGV…

We know you are a FTCer (naturally have good taste not too picky) but what does your friend eat or like? Atmosphere? Price?

He likes el torito and olive garden, you know what i’m sayin? lol
He said ontario is in between us. Anything good there? I would like mexican or american.

Thank you. Vince’s Spaghetti is on the list.

I actually got this from here…

Vince’s Spaghetti

If you are like me, every now and then I crave a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, salad, and a few glasses of cheap red.


Maple House Chicken & Waffles in Ontario.

Union on Yale in Claremont is solid.
Caffe Allegro in La Verne or Upland
San Biaggio Pizza (2 locations in Upland)