Where would you go for a food filled weekend?

My friends and I started going to NYC about 20 years ago every year for Restaurant Week. Since then, babies and other obligations have put a stop to that annual indulgence. We’re thinking of reviving the tradition now that the babies are no longer babies, but want to try something new. 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, NY Restaurant Week was destination-worthy, but no longer. If you could go anywhere within 5 hours of LA for a 3 day weekend bacchanal, where would you go?

You mean flying, right?

I’d go to Houston and eat lots of crawfish, steaks and barbecue. I would also eat at Brennan’s and Theodore Rex.


And if you like baseball:

Most of our vacations used to be planned around when the local team was home. :wink:

New Orleans. Exciting stuff going on there presently with delicious classic New Orleans grub still ubiquitous plus newcomers expanding the breadth and depth of the city’s offerings.

Plus it’s stunningly beautiful and fun as hell.


i had a get time in Chicago, really good eats, great cocktail bars.
it’s an awesome city.

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Manhattan Beach

We just got back from New Orleans, and I totally agree.

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Another vote for New Orleans. In one weekend we hit Shaya, Bouchon, some crawfish place I forget, and a private chef made crawfish pies, etoufee, gumbo and grilled quail.

An epic weekend! Of course, it helps to have a good friend who owns a restaurant and knows everyone…

Ha! We hit Chaya and Bouchon Butcher. Definitely two highlights from that trip.

Napa Valley.

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I prefer Sonoma.

Second on Sonoma over Napa, but I wouldn’t go to either for a food-filled blowout weekend since it’s a step down across the board compared with Oakland.

Sign of the times:

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New Orleans. Spent five days there in mid-May. Still trying to lose the weight.

San Francisco. Or wherever Sergio is cooking.

Vegas - money no object

Mexico City - budget friendly

As you may recall, I was looking for recs in Oakland-area. Well, we were there but our plans went to hell. But, yeah, I’d far rather spend my time and money there than in the “wine country.” Again, thanks for your recs then.

This incredibly sad. Thanks for sharing.

I hope that things work out and this isn’t a sign of the times. So many of my favorite places to eat and stay- Auberge, Meadowood, Farmstead and my favorite winery Schramsberg. Time for a visit- I haven’t been since the fire.

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Were any of them damaged?

Thanks everyone! New Orleans was my initial thought too, but I am afraid it will be too much for my poor 45 year old body to handle. Self-restraint is not my strong suit. Besides, my husband has never been and I promised I’d take him.

Mexico City and Chicago are the front-runners, I think. Alinea is still worth it, right? I will be sure to make a report once we figure out what we’re going to do.

Not that I know of and Schramsberg was fine- they were great at updating their club members. I had a trip planned for December and ended up staying in SF instead.