Which Berkeley Izakaya?

Trying to grab dinner with a friend on Thursday evening. Deciding between Fish & Bird and Ippuku, open to others if there are any better options that I missed in my search. Pretty much only care about food quality; not likely to be drinking and don’t especially care about price differences here. (Not actually sure I can get a reservation at Ippuku; they only take them by phone and I haven’t tried yet given that I’m undecided where to go. But :crossed_fingers: )

Appreciate anyone’s thoughts, especially if you’ve been to both :slight_smile:

(I am tempted by Fish & Bird’s hojicha ice cream, if it’s anything like Shunji’s, because that one was incredible and a round 2 would be pretty motivating.)

Ippuku’s food is impeccable but it’s hard to get a reservation and waits without one can be long. Went the other week and it was as good as ever.

I went to Fish & Bird only once, before lockdown. Looking forward to going back.

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Sounds like I ought to prioritize Ippuku if I can get a reservation, but I wouldn’t be disappointed by either?

Dunno but if the ice cream hasn’t changed that’s a plus for F&B.